Gracia Wassink

  • Mixed Media
  • Encaustics

mixed media

A mixed media piece is a work of art created using more than one medium in a singular piece of work. Mediums included in my art work may consist of acrylics, watercolors, photography, transparencies and even found items and ephemera. I love using mixed media because sticking to one medium just doesn't seem to make my soul sing! But with mixed media I can use it all! I can put so much more into one work of art, layer upon layer, much like life.


Encaustic is the process of making a painting using beeswax. The word encaustic literally means: to burn - as each layer of wax must be melted and fused to the next. The finished product has a beautiful translucency and illumination. The first time I started using beeswax - it stirred me up deep in my being! The organic joy of working with something so natural and fragrant and its unpredictable tendencies make it so much fun! I fell in love with it. Enjoy!

contact me

I would love to hear from you and can be contacted by phone, email, and social media. I would be happy to discuss ideas or commissions for special occasions or memories.

Feel free to contact me regarding pricing for artwork shown on this website. Art pieces are available as originals (unless previously sold) or prints in various sizes and on various papers or canvas.